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Dippin' Dots Cereal Isn't Actually Ice Cream, Just Tiny Round Flavor "Clusters"

What's going on, Walmart? What kind of market research do you have tucked away? First you activate the nostalgia centers in the brains of '90s kids with Slime Sauce ketchup, and now you're aiming for the "hey remember that one trip we took to Cedar Point after graduation, that was fun" demographic. Are we that easily seduced?

Apparently so, because Dippin' Dots cereal now exists. Romper reports that two flavors of the ice cream pellet-inspired cereal have hit shelves: Banana Split and Cookies 'n Cream. As you could guess, based on both the headline above and the fact that they are cereals, the product isn't actually ice cream. Instead, they attempt to replicate the flavors and experience of eating Dippin' Dots with "clusters." According to SnackGator, that's a goal the cereals achieve—or rather, it's one that the Banana Split flavor achieves:

There are four components to this cereal: three balls of sweetened corn and oat cereal resembling Dippin' Dots in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavors, and a bumpy little ball called a "Banana Split Flavored Cluster." I took out four pieces and tasted each individually. Each of the balls actually resembles its respective flavor really well. Strawberry tastes like legit strawberry, chocolate like chocolate, and vanilla like vanilla. They aren't too overpowering, which I'm anticipating will be a good thing, because of the Clusters. Ahhh, the Clusters. I think I'm in love with these Clusters. They are pastel and pretty, and have a soft coating. When I bit into one, it had the texture of a Rice Krispies treat, which was pretty fun. Now the flavor... Unbelievably yummy. I could eat a box of just the Clusters.

Between presumably awe-inspiring chomps, the Snack Gator later noted that Dippin' Dots Banana Split "just jumped into my top three favorite cereals ever."

You can pick up this weird but oddly appealing breakfast item at Walmart, where a box will set you back $3.64. Strangely, you can also buy a single box for twenty freaking dollars on Amazon.