Errandosaurus Rex: Dino Costumes Make Grocery Shopping More Fun

I rewatched Groundhog Day last weekend. Or maybe it was the weekend before. Time has no meaning anymore, which is kind of the point. Except one of the lessons I learned from Groundhog Day is that every day doesn't have to be the same. Sometimes you can add a little excitement by abducting a rodent celebrity and leading the police on a low-speed chase through a small Pennsylvania town before you drive off the edge of a quarry, Thelma and Louise–style.


Or you can just go grocery shopping with your family in an inflatable dino costume, which is what the Lee family of Peachtree City, Georgia, did. To be more specific: mom Christine and the kids Kira and Cameron all wore dino suits while dad Chris filmed the whole thing on his smartphone.

"We've been trying to find things to do that are fun or different to try and shake things up for our family," Christine explained to Cheryl Preheim, an anchor for Atlanta's NBC affiliate who happened to spot the Lees at her local Kroger and was enchanted. "Maybe we are further along in our loopiness, being stuck at home for so long."

The kids had to be bribed into the dino costumes with the promise of a few extra hours of Minecraft (Cameron is 10 and Kira is 12, which is kind of pushing the threshold for a kid agreeing to go out in public a dino costume with her parents), but in the end, they admitted that it wasn't that bad, especially since they got to be on TV! Props to them also for being game to wear them outside in Georgia in August.


If you are worried about the family's safety, know that they were all wearing masks under their dino costumes. Christine also bought those costumes, which means they can wear them anytime they want. I can't wait to see them go on further adventures. Today Kroger, tomorrow Coke World, and after that, a life of crime?