Not Everyone Calls Popsicles "Popsicles," And Other Fun Language Lessons

Are Australians ready for our Icy Pole commentary?

I have a number of friends from Australia, which is surprising since 90% of my conversations with Australian people involve me making "jokes" about them being eaten by giant spiders. (Or attacked by snakes, or kangaroos, or octopuses, or trees.) But they're friends with me despite my shenanigans, because Australians are mad cool like that. And when I need to find ridiculous Australia content with which to bother my friends, BuzzFeed almost always has my back.

As usual, BuzzFeed delivered the goods last week with a riveting new quiz: "Tell Us What You Call These Ice Creams and We'll Reveal Whether You're Australian or American." In each question, you're shown a picture of a frozen novelty treat and must choose the name of the product, selecting between options like "Fudge Pop" vs. "Paddle Pop" or "Chocolate Eclair" vs. "Golden Gaytime." The computer then synthesizes this highly scientific data to determine which hemisphere you're from! After taking the quiz, I've decided that this summer, in addition to my usual shrimp-on-the-barbie schtick, a substantial number of "Icy Pole" bon mots will be rotated into my conversational repertoire, and I will henceforth be referring to all frozen desserts as "Zooper Doopers."

If you are also an American with non-American mates, have the different international names for certain common foods ever taken you by surprise, or genuinely bowled you over? We have a lot of learning to do, so let us know in the comments.