Detroit Tigers Concession Worker Sentenced After Being Filmed Spitting In Customers' Pizza [Updated]

Nov. 15 update: A 21-year-old who was seen spitting into a pizza at Comerica Park in September has been sentenced to 18 months probation. ESPN is reporting Jaylon Kerley, who pleaded guilty to one felony and one misdemeanor count of food law violation, must now take an anger management class and not work around food during his probation period. According to ESPN, Kerley's lawyer said her client was "very remorseful."

Original Sept. 24 story: The Detroit Tigers are hobbling into baseball's final week sitting on an abysmal 63-93 season, with six meaningless games left to play. But current intrigue at Comerica Park, the downtown Detroit stadium where the Tigers play, exists in an Instagram video of a concession stand employee (taken by a fellow employee) who straight-up lets loose a mouthful of spittle into a customer's pizza:

Detroit station WXYZ reports that the incident happened on Friday, and that the worker shown in the video was taken into police custody. According to the man who posted the Instagram video, the employee who spat in the pizza said he was "having a bad day" and that it wasn't the first time he spat in someone's food. What's more, the man who filmed the offending video claimed he was fired for posting it on Instagram (even though there are no more home games at Comerica Park this season). What's particularly puzzling is why this concession stand worker would willingly allow himself to be filmed during this incriminating act; perhaps it's Darwin's law at work. The worst part, though, is that it's painting Detroit-style pan pizza in a bad light.