Whoop Whoop: Detroit Fest Will Combine Faygo And Beer

As you may or may not know, depending on your relative knowledge of Juggalos, Detroit-based Faygo soda is the Insane Clown Posse's favorite beverage. Uproxx opines that "it's thanks to our ICP-loving friends that most Americans even know what Faygo is." So fans of the Detroit "horrorcore" duo were likely psyched by this news regarding the Michigan Brewers Guild Fall Beer Festival, which will take place in Detroit on October 26-27. The Detroit Free Press reports that seven festival beers will be based on actual flavors by Faygo in an effort called Detroit's Beer Experiment.

Fest attendees can look for Redpop kettle sour by Traffic Jam And Snug brewpub; Scotch Cherry Whoop Whoop, a rye scotch ale with dark cherry and vanilla by Founders Brewing Co.'s Detroit location; and Atwater Beer's Double Dirty Blonde with Faygo Orange and coriander. Batch Brewing Co. "seems to be going the extra Detroit mile" with its Better Made Grape FayGose, using Detroit-based Better Made potato chips in the beer. Talk about horrorcore; we kid, maybe it's great, although a little difficult to envision.

If you won't be able to make it to the fest but are still fairly close to Michigan, each brew will be available at its respective brewery starting October 19. Juggalo fans may be the most excited, now that they will no longer have to switch between Redpop and beer, but can just enjoy a combination of the two.