Delight Turns To Despair As Flaming Cheese Sets Off Restaurant Sprinklers

For fun food demonstrations, maybe stay away from flaming things. Like cherries jubilee, baked Alaska, and that Greek standard, the "opa!"-inspiring saganaki. It was a lesson learned the hard way by the waitstaff at Baltimore restaurant Cava Mezze last week.

Miami's WSVN reports that in an ambitiously impressive display, the staff came out with multiple platters of flaming cheese and lit them all at once. Unfortunately, they did so right under the sprinkler system. The audience goes from psyched to horrified in a nanosecond, as pandemonium reigns and people scramble to get out of the line of water. It looks like the strength of sprinklers knocks a plate out of one server's hand. To their credit, many customers are laughing hysterically once the shock wears off, because the whole thing is pretty funny.

Maybe the message here is: a little saganaki = good. Too much saganaki = not good, possibly hazardous. But let's face it, the real message is: food catastrophe = unintentionally hilarious video.