And Now, A Deer That Does Not Wish To Be Inside Kroger

When the daily news cycle supplies a story—and, hopefully, accompanying video—of animals out of their element inside grocery stores, you can bet we'll eagerly cover it. We're grateful to The Indianapolis Star this week for bringing us the engrossing and momentarily heartbreaking story of a deer run amok at the Boone Village Shopping Center. (Don't worry; the deer is fine.)

This past weekend at a Kroger in Zionsville, Indiana, a deer was found clattering around up and down the aisles, jumping over the deli counter in what was surely a graceful motion, even in the face of presumed animal panic. (According to one witness, the deer bumped its face on the counter, leading to a bit of a nosebleed, but otherwise appearing unharmed.) The Star reports that there were "several attempts to trap it" but "no one could hold it down." I'd be lying if I said this isn't a tad inspiring.

Eventually, after the acrobatic deli counter leap, the deer found its way out of the automatic front doors again and left as mysteriously as it had come. A Kroger spokesperson told the Star that "the manager and store team performed a thorough cleaning of the area" after the deer played its harried version of Supermarket Sweep. But we'll always have the memories, won't we? Specifically, Facebook user Von Mia's memories, who witnessed the incident and had the forethought to record it for posterity.