Last Call: Tripping deer/Phil Collins Video Holds Up

"In The Air Tonight" was playing on one of my car radio's station presets yesterday—yes, I still listen to regular-ass radio on short drives, don't @ me—and it jogged my memory of that viral video from last year in which... just watch it. It's 20 seconds of your time.

I remember laughing myself silly over this video whenever it first came out—wait, only a year ago?—and was so pleased to see it holds up. It made me consider the weird aging process of viral internet videos, which led me down a rabbit hole of old viral videos, which is the entire reason the internet exists, right?

Take this weird nugget of information I found in my digging: The "Charlie Bit My Finger" video still racks up about 20,000 views on YouTube every day. Wild, right? P.S.: Charlie is a teenager now. Time is a flat circle and nothing online ever dies.