Decomposing Body Forces Closure Of Connecticut Restaurant, Vomiting Of Takeout Staff

Morning food-news browsing is a daily grab bag. You might find stories of delicious-sounding pizza, or recipes for intriguing salads, or articles about a decomposing body leaking bodily fluids through the roof of a Connecticut restaurant. You never can tell!


The headline on this Hartford, Connecticut-area WFSB story is innocuous enough: "Man's death closes Thai restaurant in Windsor." Sad, to be sure, but not immediately disgusting.

And then.

"The discovery of a body in an upstairs apartment forced the closure of a Thai food restaurant below in Windsor. According to police, a reddish brown liquid was reportedly dripping through the ceiling into the Siam Corner Thai Kitchen & Pho restaurant."

When police showed up, a restaurant worker told them "a foul odor and an odd fluid" was leaking from the ceiling.

Police entered the upstairs apartment through a window and found a man dead in his bed. They believe the body had been decomposing for several days.


We're so sorry.