The One Where David Schwimmer Films His Own "Stealing Beer" Video

Nobody can say that David Schwimmer can't go along with a gag. After a photo circulated of a beer thief in England who looked remarkably like the Friends star (more recently seen on Will & Grace as the "West Side Curmudgeon"), he maintained his innocence on Twitter.

But along with his statement of innocence, he made his own video, wearing the same type of outfit as the original thief, holding the beer in the exact same way, even with a matching bend in the box and guilty facial expression. Really, well done, Schwimmer.

While Schwimmer wishes the police "good luck with the investigation," the BBC confirms that thanks to the widespread distribution of that original photo, the culprit has been identified, though not yet apprehended; he is also wanted for the theft of a jacket, a mobile phone, and a wallet. According to a Lancashire Police spokesperson: "We think we know who he is but we just need to trace him."

But the local force is in on the Schwimmer reference as well, tweeting out a message Chandler Bing himself would approve of.