The Ross-From-Friends Beer Bandit Is On The Lam

Hey, remember The One With The Thievin' David Schwimmer Lookalike? Well, the saga continues, and now the Ross Geller-lookin' guy is on the run from the law.

The Drinks Business reports that a Blackpool district judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of Abdulah Husseni of Slough, England. This action was taken because the 36-year-old Husseni failed to appear in court on December 18, after being charged with the theft of various items from a Blackpool restaurant. He then also failed to answer a court summons, and now is failing to be captured by the authorities.

The case garnered international attention when Blackpool police posted a video of the man with bunch of beer in hand. The internet responded with thousands of quotes, jokes, and references to Marcel the monkey.

Schwimmer then provided an alibi.