Dastardly Thieves Make Off With 45 Tons Of Chocolate In Germany

A rare crime where we can actually understand the motivation: The German news site DW.com (for Deutsche Welle) reports that some dastardly thieves made off with more than 48 U.S. tons of chocolate, worth almost $500,000 total. The heist "occurred Friday night at an industrial park in the southwest city of Freiburg."

After the exciting and delicious getaway, police found one trailer Saturday at a rest stop near the German-French border: "The driver fled on foot but the chocolate was recovered. The second truck was found in Lahr... near the French border." But the driver went missing there too, "as did much of the chocolate." So possibly the chocolate was meant to be smuggled in to France by these dessert-minded pirates?

Weirdly, DW notes, this is second such chocolate heist in Germany in six months. A previous crime involved 20 tons of chocolate, including Nutella and Kinder Surprise eggs, disappearing from the town of Neustadt. These cases have yet to be cracked like a Kinder Surprise egg, so we advise all German people to guard their chocolate carefully.