That Lady's Queso Didn't Look Like Queso

You can find all manner of dips at most Super Bowl parties. I myself enjoyed some sort of Buffalo chicken-cheese concoction at my neighbor's house along with the chili and the brownies. Many football fans just go straight for the pinnacle of cheese: queso. That includes Fox News host Dana Perino.

To make the above rust-colored concoction (in the process creating "the breakout meme of the Super Bowl," according to Vox), Perino pulled from a diverse (to put it mildly) ingredient list she posted in 2016:

I love Velveeta, and cream of mushroom soup, and my most popular recipes usually have the word "garbage" in there somewhere. I am in no position to throw stones. But that's what the rest of the internet is for, as people looking for distraction during the most boring Super Bowl of all time gleefully piled on Perino's not-entirely-appetizing photo.

Some people just offered their own version of Perino's simple "I made queso" message.

For her part, Perino took the comments in good humor, agreeing with all of us that the real culprit here was the horrible game, the rest of us just victims of watching it.