Man Makes Emergency Helicopter Pit Stop For Ice Cream Cake

The pilot helicoptered into a small town to score a Dairy Queen frozen treat.

I'm not terribly familiar with the landscape of Saskatchewan, a scenic Canadian province that borders the northern United States. A cursory Google Image search reveals a relatively rugged landscape with lush grasslands, peaceful waterways, and coniferous forests; still, with a population of just over 1 million, Saskatchewan definitely has paved roads. That didn't stop one man from helicoptering into a small town for the exclusive purpose of grabbing a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.


Earlier this week, CBC News reported that Tisdale, Saskatchewan locals "watched in astonishment" as the gentleman descended into a Dairy Queen parking lot in his bright red chopper, "blowing up clouds of dust and debris as it touched down." Some residents reportedly thought the man was some sort of emergency first responder—that is, until the town's mayor saw the helicopter pilot leave the restaurant toting an ice cream cake. "Well, I thought somebody must be hungry," Mayor Al Jellicoe told CBC News. "Initially, I thought that's probably not the right thing to do."

There's no word yet on whether or not the man managed to dig into the cake while operating the helicopter. Regardless, the joyride could lead to legal consequences. The helicopter excursion wasn't just odd behavior; per local police, the pilot faces one count of dangerous operation of an aircraft after investigators determined his trip was "not an emergency." While the airborne cake fiend did have a helicopter license, he's in hot water for parking illegally in the Dairy Queen parking lot.


I totally get it—the dude could have squashed a DQ customer during his hasty landing, which is a tragedy entirely undeserving of an ice cream cake celebration. But I don't like to make assumptions in these scenarios. Maybe his other ride was in the shop.