Dairy Beloved: Cheese Wheels Are The New Trend In Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake has been around for centuries, which is probably just about as long as creative about-to-be-marrieds have tried to jazz theirs up a bit. Recently, the cupcake-tree wedding cake has made some inroads, but there's a new savory trend that sounds ideal for those who favor dairy over sugar: the cheese-wheel wedding cake.

Taste Of Home reports that the savory selections are making inroads with cheese-minded (and gluten-free) brides and grooms: "These cheese wedding cakes look ever bit as impressive as their traditional counterparts, especially when bedecked with flowers and cake toppers. 'People are really surprised when they see these cakes—they never recognize that they're cheese,' says Shannon Berry, Special Events Manager at Fromagination, an artisanal cheese shop based in" where else, Wisconsin.

As with mixing different flavors in a layer cake, cheese experts must be consulted to make sure the differently flavored wheels complement each other. And what of the all-important cutting of the cake by the nuptial couple? A soft cheese like Brie or Camembert is selected to keep that tradition intact (although shoving cheese in someone's face would probably make for less adorable pictures than in previous wedding incarnations). Instead of everyone then receiving a huge slice of cheese, the cheeses are cut up and distributed on a small charcuterie plate.

This sounds like an excellent trend: We'd definitely take a piece of double-cream brie and a few dried apricots over a giant slab of buttercream frosting, especially after a huge wedding meal. But as with all new developments, the cheese wheel wedding cake has its fans and detractors on that all-too-public bulletin board, Twitter: