Woman Walks Out Of CVS With Nearly 6-Foot-Long Receipt For 3 Items

Sure, we all stroll out of CVS or Walgreen's clutching those extra coupons for cat food or baby lotion that we toss in the recycling before we even hit the store exit. But Fox 5 in Washington D.C. reports that resident Emma Keane recently posted an exceptionally egregious CVS "gift" she received upon checking out of the pharmacy: A receipt that measured 5'8" long. What's worse: She only ordered three items.

Keane is a really good person for this to have happened to, as she definitely possesses the sense of humor required to take full advantage of brief moments of viral fame. She even put up the receipt at her workplace for her coworkers to compare their heights against, with a Post-It asking, "How many CVS receipts tall are you?"

Some surmise that Keane's lengthy receipt is due to the fact that she is a member of CVS's ExtraCare program, which can involve a multitude of discounts and offers. But in today's environmentally minded world, it may be time for the frequently maligned long-receipt-producer CVS to consider more online offers.

Keane's 15 minutes of fame have also led her to ponder some other elements about her life: