Customer Headbutts Food Truck Operator Over Inadequate Hamburger

Once again, please stop trying to fight food service employees!

Know what's unfortunate? That a recent news story out of Princeton, New Jersey is forcing us to remind the public that it is not okay to physically assault food service workers. Know what's even more unfortunate? This is not even the first time we've had to issue such a reminder this year. I understand we're all a little bit on edge right now because of plagues and wildfires and the incessant threat of robot uprisings, but seriously, there is not a single burger-related issue that can be resolved by resorting to fisticuffs.

The latest unnecessary food fight incident occurred on Friday, August 20, reports 100 Mile Free Press, when an unidentified 68-year-old man purchased a hamburger from a Princeton-area food truck, and for whatever reason, it left him very unsatisfied. What was it about the burger that upset the man? That detail was unreported, so I invite you all to speculate. Whatever it was, it was enough for the customer to complain about it to the truck operator, who issued a refund for the unsatisfactory hamburger.

The story should end right there, right? Of course, that's not what happened.

On Saturday, August 21, the disgruntled customer decided to return to the food truck—which, again, had given him a full refund the day before—to settle whatever unfinished business he believes he had with the truck. (This honestly makes me curious as to how bad this burger could have possibly been.) Upon arriving at the truck, the man decided to headbutt the food truck operator, after which he was pinned to the ground by the truck's cook until police arrived.

A sergeant from the Princeton Police Department told reporters that since both the irate customer and the food truck operator engaged in the struggle, neither would be charged with assault, and neither chose to press charges. But we choose to press upon the issue and reiterate once again: don't fight people whose food you don't like.