Crane Collapses Onto Man's House During His Restaurant's Grand Opening

Opening a restaurant is a special sort of hell. I know this as the former owner of one myself. There are a million things that could go wrong, and often times, most of them do. While you're running around putting out fires (both metaphorical and literal), you're also doing your best to smile politely, charm the pants off customers, manage an entire staff of trainees, and ensure everything is perfect, as a single mistake could banish your new business to Yelp purgatory. You're just praying that you'll make it to closing without having a stroke before heading home and collapsing into bed. Unfortunately for Adam Kent of Tallahassee, Florida, this could not happen, because while he was busy with the grand opening of his new diner—its very first day in business—a 100-ton crane collapsed on his house, news station WTXL reports.

Kent says he's grateful that neither he nor his daughter were home at the time, and that compared to what he's about to experience dealing with his insurance company, running the diner will seem a lot less stressful. If you're near Tallahassee, maybe go give Kent's restaurant, Ma's Diner, a visit. He could probably use a smile, and your business.