Coworker Rebrands Stacked Salad As "Vegan Lasagna"

You may find in your day-to-day life that names for things are useful. You know an apple is an apple because it's called an "apple," not a "banana." Isn't language great, especially when it comes to food?

Sometimes, though, those clarifications are a bit muddier, as when a Twitter user named Peaches shared news that a coworker brought in "vegan lasagna."

Um, Peaches, did that coworker really bring in vegan lasagna, though? Or—as the layers of iceberg lettuce and artfully placed tomato slices may indicate—did they in fact just show up with a stacked salad?

With apparently not much else in the world to discuss this week, Twitter is all over this vegan lasagna/stacked salad action, with even the mighty Stouffer's weighing in:

Another possible theory:

This might be the worst part of it all though:

Thanks but no, Peaches' coworker.