Couple Arrested For Reportedly Throwing Food At Taco Bell Employees Who Forgot Hot Sauce

Today's etiquette question: If the bag of food you receive at the Taco Bell drive-thru lacks hot sauce packets, are you more likely to receive said packets if you:

a) politely request them from the Taco Bell employees

b) throw the food you just purchased at those employees.

Yep, it's a head-scratcher for sure. And yet a couple in Aloha, Oregon chose the latter. According to KATU in Portland, "The Washington County Sheriff's Office says Erik and Katyra Stratton were arrested after throwing their food at Taco Bell employees and blocking the drive thru for several minutes... The couple was apparently upset that the workers forgot their hot sauce."

We're on the record as huge fans of fast food sauces, but obviously this is an extreme (and extremely rude) response.