Couple Takes Prom Photos At Taco Bell, Making Hearts Warmer Than Diablo Sauce

Riley Papile never wanted to forget her Senior Prom. So the Hatboro-Horsham High School student snagged a photographer—Rachel Beck—and arranged to have photos taken with her girlfriend, Abby Creneti. They traveled to "iconic locations around their hometown," reports Insider, before Beck announced that she had a surprise in store. They were going to Taco Bell (and that was a good thing.)

According to Insider, Papile and Creneti just love the Bell, and while they got a few strange looks from customers, oh what the hell let's just get to the photos because they are perfect and wonderful. Please click, enlarge, and feel the wall you've built around your heart crack as sharply as a Doritos Locos Taco Shell.

A few brief notes:

  • Eating before prom is very smart.
  • I love them!
  • Not spending a whole bunch of money at a fancy restaurant when really you just want to hang our and have fun is even smarter. Papile's meal of choice: "A combo 8 (three tacos) with soft shells, no lettuce, and a large Sierra Mist. $6.03... A pretty sweet deal if you ask me."
  • Look at their pretty dresses!
  • Apparently Riley's dress was free. Amazing.
  • If you can hire a photographer that knows you well enough to surprise you with Taco Bell prom photos that she's certain you will love, hire that photographer.
  • They both look so happy and they have such pretty hair!
  • Cheers to Rachel Beck for being a good photographer with good, kind ideas. Cheers to the staff of that Taco Bell for being super cool with the whole thing. And cheers to Riley and Abby for being such a delight.

    Oh, and last but not least, cheers to Riley for wisely seizing the whole Taco-Bell-prom-photos-go-viral thing as an opportunity to self-promote: