Costco To Serve Us $1.50 Hot Dogs Even Faster With Self-Serve Food Court Kiosks

As has already been reported, we love Costco—especially the food court, where even the snack food (pizza slices! hot dogs!) appear to be giant size. Trouble is, other savvy Costco shoppers agree with us on the splendor of the box store's fast food, making for frequent long lines and heavy wait times. What's a lover of pizza slices the width of your face supposed to do?

As usual, Costco has already diagnosed this problem, and is trying to alleviate our pain with a new innovation. As Kitchn reports, "Costco is reportedly testing self-service ordering kiosks at multiple food court locations." The kiosks have been spotted in stores in Tustin, California; Tucson, Arizona; and Covington, Washington; and are reportedly "user-friendly and much faster than waiting in line to place an order with a person."

So hopefully in the future, we could just use this touch screen to place our order of $1.50 hot dog and soda combos or foot-long chicken bakes, and will be required to pay with a card, not cash. Still, eliminating the human transactions of ordering and paying should undoubtedly get us that grub that much quicker. Just when we thought our trips to Costco couldn't get any better.