Costco Here To Save Us All With $6,000 Doomsday Food Kit

Y'know, you could say we were a bit obsessed with Costco, but c'mon, it can't be just us. How can the average American not appreciate the big-box store's efforts to bring us the greatest possible bargains by buying in bulk, by selling us some of our favorite food court snacks, and even creating its own version of Nutella, just for us?

Now, those who are worried about the increasingly hazardous state of the Doomsday clock, who don't have much faith in the upcoming chats between Trump and Kim Jong-un, and who see the multitude of climate changes as indicators that the planet is quickly dissolving, may have a little more peace of mind, thanks of course to Costco. Business Insider reports today that under the "Emergency Kits & Supplies" section on Costco's website, you'll find listings not just for first-aid kits and the like, but for packages with enough bulk food to feed a family of four for an entire year. The $5,999.99 set includes 36,000 servings of "grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy, and more," with "up to 25 years of shelf life." Zombie apocalypse, nuclear annihilation, environmental doomsday: In any of these instances, food supplies for survivors will be scarce, except for the wise Costco customers who plan ahead.

As with most things Costco, the main problem with this bulk item will be storage, but we expect our beloved big box chain to start selling bomb-shelter kits for us any day now.