Cops Visit Lemonade Stand Robbed By Jerkface Junior-High Kids

Here's a refreshing departure from a recent story in which a kids' lemonade stand was fined over a lack of permit issue last month. (Who would call the cops on a lemonade stand?) This month, we have a kid who actually called the cops after his lemonade stand was robbed. Okay, who would rob a lemonade stand?

Those jerky junior-high-school kids, that's who. As KTIS in Minneapolis reports, 9-year-old Brooklyn Park resident Gracen lost $20 when some older boys on bikes grabbed the cash out of his till. After asking his father, he called the cops. All told, three police cars showed up (slow crime day, eh?), and one of the officers replaced the $20, giving it to Gracen's dad to hang onto. Another chipped in $5. Gracen eventually ended the day $50 ahead.

While we appreciate the officers' kind service, we wish they would have been more focused on the hooligans who robbed the stand in the first place. Maybe Gracen couldn't identify them, but as of now, the criminal tweens are still at large.