Cops Solve Best Case Ever: A Missing Krispy Kreme Truck

It's like the answer to a joke question: What would best the possible thing for a police squad to discover? Yes, a stolen Krispy Kreme truck. From the land of all hilarious news stories, Florida, comes this tale of a lucky band of cops who discovered the abandoned truck filled to the rim with [checks notes] the most delicious doughnuts known to man.

According to the Miami Herald, the truck "was reported stolen Tuesday morning from a Krispy Kreme location in Lake City, according to Clearwater police." It was later recovered 300 miles away in Crest Lake Park by some undoubtedly gleeful law enforcement officers. When contacted, the generous store owner decided to donate the previously stolen baked goods to the police.

The cops turned out to be generous as well. After snapping a few understandably joyous pics, they donated the rest of the truck's contents to a homeless event taking place next to police headquarters.