Cops Resigns After He's Caught Pocketing Granola Bars From Crime Scene

Last year, an officer with the La Plata County Sheriff's Office part of a team that searched a Durango, Colorado home on the suspicion the owners were illegally growing that sticky icky. During the marijuana cultivation drug bust, Lt. Ryan Engle pilfered some of the homeowner's granola bars, according to The Durango Herald.

The owners were able to produce security-camera footage that showed Lt. Engle pocketing "three to five granola bars" from the owners' garage. The Colorado Bureau Of Investigation launched an investigation; the incident was elevated to this level because it involved officer misconduct.

Engle and his defense attorney say the homeowners were cooperating with the search, and given their "hospitality," he thought it was okay to take the granola bars and share a few with fellow officers. His attorney also notes Engle had a 20-year career in law enforcement without any other misconduct allegations.

Still, the sheriff's office conducted its own investigation separate from that of the state Bureau Of Investigation, and as a result of both, Lt. Engle announced he would resign.

Following Engle's resignation, the district attorney's office announced it would drop the criminal case it was pursuing against him. Over granola bars.

"It's very unfortunate," Christian Champagne, 6th Judicial District attorney told the Herald. "But the integrity and credibility of law enforcement always has to be above reproach."