Coors Is Paying For Dog Adoptions, Turning Cuffing Season Into Leash Season

Coors really, really doesn't want you to drink alone on Valentine's Day. So much so that the Colorado-based beer giant is giving away man's best friend—well, sort of. If you adopt a dog now through February 21, Coors will reimburse up to $100 of your adoption fee, so long as you're one of the the first 1,000 adopters. In a press release, the company called itself, "the official beer of skipping cuffing season," which I think should be changed to "the official beer of leash season."


Now, there's no requirement that you have to give your dog a beer-based name. But dang, how delightful would that be? There's so many options.

  • Stout Ideal for bulldogs or thick Labradors
  • Copper A kettle used in the brewing process
  • Hops Don't take this one, this one's mine.
  • Barley A scrappy terrier-type
  • Porter For the dog who can pull off a tux
  • Golden The Colorado town where Coors is based, absolutely cannot be used for a golden retriever/doodle
  • Rocky Like the mountains, duh
  • Adolph For the founder of Coors, Adolph Coors, everyone's #1 association with the name Adolph
  • Silver Bullet A greyhound, of course
  • Kegger A bull mastiff that will go shot-for-shot with you, then lay down on your chest in victory once you pass out.
  • Just text COORS4k9 and a photo of the adoption receipt to 28130, and they'll pay you back on Venmo. Also, the offer's not valid in California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. You can check out the full terms and conditions here. Now get to the adoption center, crack open a Silver Bullet and start snuggling with your new pup!