Say Hello To This $60 Whiskey From [Checks Notes] Coors

Five Trail Whiskey is made with hops and barley from the Coors malthouse in Golden, Colorado

Considering that most alcoholic beverage brands are owned by a handful of mega-corporations, it shouldn't be surprising that there are 108 of them in the Molson Coors portfolio. What is surprising is the fact not a single one of these brands is a spirit—but that changes on September 1, when the Coors Whiskey Co. sashays out into this big, beautiful world to get all you classy party people drunk.

The behemoth beverage conglomerate announced today that it is releasing Five Trail Whiskey, a blended American whiskey made with Coors' proprietary malt. The company says that Five Trail falls into the ultra-premium whiskey category, and was distilled, blended, and bottled in partnership with Bardstown Bourbon Co. in Bardstown, Kentucky. Five Trail blends three American bourbons with a Colorado-distilled single-malt whiskey, and cuts it down to 95-proof with Rocky Mountain water.

Molson Coors' 109th brand seems to be only the first step in a greater plan to expand to eventually dominate the spirits market. In the statement, Kimberli Fox, Molson Coors' marketing manager for wine and spirits, said the company is interested in producing "unique, limited-edition whiskeys" using high-country barley from the Coors' famous Golden, Colorado, malthouse, and could introduce entirely new recipes under the Five Train brand every year.

Initially, Molson Coors will be shipping Five Trail to high-end liquor stores in Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and New York. And, because it's "high-end, ultra-premium whiskey," the 750-milliliter bottles will carry a suggested retail price of $59.99. I, for one, didn't expect the company behind Coors Light, Miller High Life, Steel Reserve, and Olde English to launch itself directly into the fancy-pants expensive whiskeys, but 2021 is full of surprises. It's a good thing that companies like MTN DEW are keeping it real and making sure our cheap-booze needs are covered.