Cookie Dough And Marshmallow Crispy Oreos Are A Thing Now, And We Ate Them

Nabisco birthed two new kinds of limited edition Oreos this week: Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy, the latter of which is better known to the layperson as "Rice Krispie Treat." Boasting centers that contain "chocolatey chips" and "crisped rice," respectively, both enticed the world's population, which, having eaten Oreos semi-regularly since their inception in 1912, was just ready for a new flavor sensation. While these varieties aren't supposed to be in stores until Feb. 3, they've popped up at Dollar General, prompting the food blogging world to slap the cookie sirens on their respective Hondas and race on down to their local cheap-goods purveyor.

The A.V. Club is always ready to buy into the promise of differently flavored Oreos, so we raced to the local Bargain Sergeant and purchased both sweet treats. Then we brought them into the office and forced them on staffers. Our knee-jerk text and video reactions are below.

Marshmallow Crispy Oreo: This one was fakin' on the funk of Snap, Crackle, and Pop that I was hoping it'd have.

• The marshmallow crisp ones have a strange cinnamon-sugar kick to them that I was not expecting, and doesn't taste anything like a rice krispie treat to me.• The cookie part of an Oreo is already so crunchy that it's impossible to detect the crisped rice in the filling. And the filling is so sweet, it's impossible to taste anything that isn't sugar.

• Marshmallow Crispy truly tastes like Rice Krispie treats. I guess since that's such a simple flavor—butter, marshmallow, puffed rice—it's relatively easy to re-create.

• I kind of dig the texture, but holy shit are these sweet.

Cookie Dough Oreo: Finding a way to make Oreos sweeter is no easy feat, but when there's a will, Nabisco has a way.

• Fake cookie dough is always a bit wonky, but the "chocolate" Oreo cookies make the cookie dough filling taste even stranger.

• It has a strange aftertaste, but it's better than other fake-cookie-dough-flavored things I've had. (I love actual cookie dough but hate cookie-dough ice cream.)

• This cookie dough Oreo is actually one of the better cookie-dough-flavored things out there. The taste is roughly the same as the chunks of cookie dough in most decent cookie dough ice creams, though obviously much more pasty. I genuinely liked them both, but my sweet tooth has no upper limit. I'd eat 'em both again.