Coming To The Takeout: Jiggle All The Way

It's the holiday season—have you heard?—and all month long we've brought you the December stories you can expect from a food and beverage publication worth its salt: reimagined Hanukkah traditions, hot cocoa upgrades, and trillions of cookie recipes to bake for family and friends. But this is a Midwestern publication, so we wanted to spread holiday cheer in the form of a nearly perfect dish often left out of the cooking conversation: Jell-O. Thus, we present to you Jiggle All The Way, our year-end celebration of Jell-O, gelatin, and all the wiggliest comfort foods imaginable.

Every day this week, we'll be bringing you stories about Jell-O-laden childhoods, as well as a treasure trove of original recipes that turn classic holiday dishes into quivering, midcentury masterpieces. No one understands better than us just how maligned the art of the Jell-O salad has become, and we want to pay tribute to the creativity that's lovingly poured into every silicone mold. And yes, that even includes the savory dinner molds found in retro cookbooks—but trust us when we say that we've found a way to make them delicious to 2020 palates.

Join us in jiggling away the remainder of this year, won't you? Our parade of showstoppers might just leave you with a fondness for Jell-O you never knew you had. And hey, even if these aspics and boozy desserts don't become your new annual holiday tradition, maybe they'll be a welcome diversion to close out 2020. That's the greatest gift we know how to give this year.