College Students Who Have Never Known True Tragedy Hold Vigil For Shuttered Taco Bell

A restaurant can take on outsized importance for college students, especially one that is cheap and open late and located in your college's student center. But these Georgia Tech students must have really had an emotional connection to their university center Taco Bell, which closed up shop last week.

This video shows students gathered around the shuttered Taco Bell, holding a sort of vigil as a student plays taps on his trumpet. Some students hug each other in support; the trumpeter finishes his memorial and salutes the Taco Bell. One student pipes up: "Tacos for everyone?"

No, there will be no more tacos, young scholar, because this is what loss is like. This is a goodbye, an end of an era, the kind of heartbreak that you bear if you are to become a great mind and educated citizen of the world. Best you swallow life's bitter pills now and learn resilience in the face of adversity, for the real world is cold, and dark, and cruel, and the callous fates can take away your Nacho Fries as easily as they are given.