"Friendship Over Business": Coffee Shop Owner Helps Competitor Stay Open

At this time of year, just about everything in media is calculated to make you cry. But this is a story about true human kindness and goodness, not just cheap holiday-related sentimentality.

A year ago Dave and Tina McAdams opened a coffee stand, The Local Coffee Company, in Oak Grove, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. A few months ago, Dave, an active member of the community and a youth baseball coach, was diagnosed with cancer. It's his third go-around, and this time, it's inoperable. He's currently in hospice. "Unfortunately, he'll be leaving in a few weeks," Tina told KATU-2 TV.

That doesn't stop the medical bills from coming, though. So Pixie Adams, owner of Moonlight Cafe, another coffee shop in town, has volunteered to work at The Local Coffee Company for free so Tina can keep the stand open.

"It's supposed to be friendship over business, community over competition," Adams told KATU-2. "I am here supporting them trying to generate attention for their business," she continued, "to help make sure that after Dave is gone, they still have the ability to keep the coffee place open."