For That Impossible-To-Buy-For Person, How About A Coke Subscription? Oh, Wait...

You can buy your loved ones bacon subscriptions, and cheese, and wine, and KFC chicken wings, so why not send along an American classic? At least, that's what Coca-Cola is hoping you'll think. Yesterday Coke introduced the Coca-Cola Insiders Club, a monthly subscription box of Coke products. This includes new flavors of Coke, Coke Energy, AHA flavored sparkling water, and whatever "exciting surprises and swag" Coke feels like tossing in. All for $10 a month, or $50 in advance for six months. This is the gift for the sort of person who was depressed not to be among the first tasters of Cinnamon Coke.

Or it would be, except, gosh darn it, the original 1,000 subscriptions sold out in just three hours, according to a Coke press release.

But there's a waitlist, and, claims the press release, "the team will monitor sales, feedback and social media buzz and consider expanding beyond the six-month trial." So maybe someone will get a holiday miracle and a visit from Santa, just like in all those ads.

Although the press release also says, "The Coca-Cola Insiders Club was inspired by the growth of the e-commerce subscription market, which has more than doubled annually over the last five years based on the popularity of meal kits and curated collections of everything from razors to pet supplies to makeup." Oh, the joy of giving!