Swedish Scientist Says World Should Take Serious Stab At Cannibalism

Even climate change conferences in Sweden are metal AF.

At GastroNord 2019—a summit that focusing on sustainability and innovation in food systems—Stockholm School of Economics professor Magnus Soderland proposed that people must "awaken the idea" of cannibalism if we are ever to survive the fireball epoch currently being ushered in by good ol' climate change.

The Epoch Times reports that in a talk called "Can You Imagine Eating Human Flesh?", Soderland—who likely no one wanted to sit next to at the conference—argued that we must begin to break down the social taboos that surround the very concept of eating human flesh, as food sources will gradually become scarcer and, let's face it, it's only a matter of time before we all start turning on each other anyway.

Before you start fattening up your friends and neighbors, know that Soderlund isn't proposing an immediate launch of "mannisko-kotts branschen," a term introduced at GastroNord that translates to "the human flesh industry." Instead he believes that we should focus on the gradual acceptance of the idea by studying current patterns of consumer behavior and psychological reactions so that people can eventually be "tricked" into making the sort of tough survival decisions that prioritize the health of our planet. He also proposes that we try eating bugs and our pets before we build our first Soylent Green factory, a proposition which, given the alternative, actually seems pretty reasonable.