City Of Berkeley Goes Full Berkeley, Institutes Vegan Mondays

Berkeley's city council has passed a resolution that requires all food served at city events and meetings on Mondays be vegan. Kind of on-the-nose, don't you think?

The resolution, which passed Thursday, makes the city the nation's first to declare "Green Mondays," ABC 7 reports. Councilmember Kate Harrison, the author of the resolution, told the station that she's not asking people to give up meat: "I'm asking us all to think about what it is that we do every day, how we can reduce our meat consumption."


Also included in the resolution is a public campaign that informs citizens and businesses of the impact of meat production on the environment, which, as Harrison told ABC 7, is not insignificant: "Almost a third of our climate change problem comes from animal husbandry and the meat produced by animals and the pollution produced," she said.

As yet, there's no official start date for "Green Mondays." The city council is working with the city's manager to determine the kickoff. Presumably they will celebrate with bean patties of some kind, while wiggling their toes in their Birkenstocks.