Chuck Schumer Tried To Out-Bourbon Mitch McConnell And Failed

It's heartening to see that as DACA ticks down to expiration and gun control legislation languishes in Congress, two Senators find time for some old-fashioned hijinks. Speaking at the University of Louisville last week, Senate minority leader and Monopoly figurine Chuck Schumer gifted turtle-faced Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell a bottle of bourbon.

"It turns out that Brooklyn, where I was born, raised, and still proudly live, produces some of the best bourbon in the world," Schumer bragged to McConnell, according to a Newsweek video. Oooh, sick burn, Chucky; the pair were on McConnell's home turf in Kentucky, obviously the world's bourbon epicenter.

Unfortunately, Senator Schumer hadn't done his homework when he selected a bottle of Widow Jane bourbon: That particular brand is actually distilled in Kentucky, then shipped to Brooklyn for aging, reports Bedford and Bowery. This is not an uncommon practice in the whiskey world, but what makes it particularly embarrassing is that—as spirits blogger The Coopered Tot points out—there are plenty of bourbons that are made in New York, even in Brooklyn itself.

One such distillery, Kings County Distillery, posted the above letter, addressed to Senator Schumer, on Instagram: "Let me introduce you to Kings County Distillery Bourbon Whiskey, which is 100% mashed, fermented, distilled, aged, and bottled entirely in Brooklyn from New York organic corn."

Smooth move, Kings County. Now Senators, please quit it with the pissing contest and get back to work.