Lovebirds Christina Clemons And Cool Ranch Doritos Become Instagram Official [Updated]

The American track-and-field star did not expect to find true love when she rocked a pair of Cool Ranch Doritos earrings during Olympic trials.

Updated, July 15, 2021: When a girl and a snack food brand fall truly, madly, and deeply in love, it's only a matter of time before they make their union official. And so, The Takeout would like to extend the biggest of mazel tovs to American track-and-field star Christina Clemons and her soulmate, Cool Ranch Doritos, on becoming the hottest celebrity couple of the 2021 Olympics.


Following Clemons' Twitter reveal of her fancy new earrings, Doritos confirmed the relationship on Instagram, formally announcing that "Cool Ranch Clemons" is now an official "Doritos partner." (Whatever that means.)

It's crazy to think that one crazy impulsive decision could lead to this sort of love story, but that's exactly what happened when, on the day before her qualifying Olympic trial, Clemons visited a mall in Eugene, Oregon, and spotted an $8 pair of Cool Ranch Doritos earrings at Hot Topic.


"When I bought them, I didn't think it would be a big thing at all," Clemons told Yahoo Sports. "I was like, 'Oh, these are so cute.' I love Doritos and they matched my uniform, so I decided to wear them in the final."

But true love always finds you in the end.

Original story, June 28, 2021: No one—no one—is representing the Stars and Stripes with more skill, charisma, or style than the women on the 2021 Olympic track and field team. Emphasis on the style. Unlike some athletes—swimmers, for example—track and field athletes have a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to accessorizing. And during this month's track and field trials, two style icons emerged supreme: 21-year-old Sha'Carri Richardson, who destroyed the 100 meter sprint while rocking long nails à la Flo-Jo, and 31-year-old Christina Clemons, who qualified in the 100-meter hurdles while wearing dangly earrings shaped like tiny Cool Ranch Doritos bags. Now, the fashion moment has landed Clemons a spot on a real-life bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.

The Columbus, Ohio, news outlet WCMH reported on the collab, explaining that Doritos reached out to Clemons for permission to put her picture on a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. (This is, in my opinion, much more exciting than landing a spot on a Wheaties box.) The bag's caption reportedly reads "For those who keep it cool even when running for their dreams." The brand added: "We'll be cheering you on along with the millions of other fans you've inspired." Clemons also shared a photo of the custom-made bag on Twitter, writing "Just call me Cool Ranch Clemons; thank you Doritos, this is amazing!"


It is unclear whether the Clemons Dorito bags will be available in stores. Doritos did not respond when Yahoo! Sports reached out for comment, and Clemons was noncommittal: "As far as what's going on from here, you all are just going to have to wait and see," she said. "I had to give you guys a snippet."

WCMH reports that Clemons, an Ohio State graduate, was an 11-time All-American and a 10-time Big Ten champion, including eight individual championships. Clemons also won two NCAA titles as a senior in 2012 in the 60-meter hurdles indoors and the 100-meter hurdles outdoors. Will Clemons bring her trusty Doritos along as Olympic fuel, or will we see another snack represented on her Olympic lobes? The world will be watching, Doritos in hand.