Chris Hemsworth Prepares To Play Hulk Hogan With $72 Worth Of KFC

That's 15 original chicken pieces, one regular size Singer combo, and four regular popcorn chicken meals

Workers at an Australian KFC got a surprise visit from Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, who stopped by a New South Wales drive-thru to order himself 15 original chicken pieces, a regular size Singer combo, and four regular popcorn chicken meals for the low, low price of $72.25. Lest you think that's too much chicken for one human being to consume, Movieweb reports that Hemsworth is currently packing away far more food than the average bear as he prepares to play Gremlins 2 actor Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea in an upcoming Netflix biopic.

One might think that fast food fried chicken has no place in the diet of a man who, according to his Instagram, seems to spend most of his life in the gym maintaining the physique of a fictional god, but Hemsworth's body needs to process an insane amount of calories each day to keep his muscles from deflating or, worse, exploding like a bunch of overinflated parade balloons. Earlier this month, Hemsworth's personal trainer Luke Zocchi and his longtime stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton shared some intel about the Marvel star's diet with Page Six, saying that in order for the hulking 6-foot-3 actor to build muscle mass, he needs to eat a butt-ton of food.

"He eats, like, six to eight meals a day," Zocchi said. "He found if he eats a really big meal he, like, feels too heavy, so they're 450-calorie meals broken up into the eight."

That might be enough to get Hemsworth up to fighting shape to play a superhero, but it might not be enough to play Hulk Hogan, whose gargantuan physique may have been partially built by fried chicken, but was mostly built by steroids. The movie is being helmed by Joker director Todd Phillips; currently there is no word if the film will feature other upstanding human beings (unlike Chyna) who reside in the WWE Hall of Fame, like the Ultimate Warrior or Donald Trump.