Chrissy Teigen's Girl Scout Cookie Rankings Strike A Chord With America

We at The Takeout have always understood that Chrissy Teigen is a bold, fearless visionary, disruptor of everything from tacos to airline meals. She also has some divisive takes on candy and snacks, a tendency that was on full display yesterday over on Twitter, where she conducted an unapologetic taste test of Girl Scout cookies.

Teigen is right: it often does feel as though we're living in a world where people who dislike these beloved annual treats feel pressured into silence. Even people who grumble about the cost of each box are grumbling because they paid it. The boxes hold less than half as many cookies as the typical supermarket package. And the flavors have been so thoroughly aped by cheaper imitators over the years that the only competitive edge the Girl Scouts have in the market these days is their entrepreneurial spirit, and the reminder that buying an overpriced box of mass-produced cookies is a great way to support tomorrow's leaders. With that in mind, Teigen wisely added another (slightly more generous) dimension to her ranking system:

The point on which I disagree most strongly is Tagalongs. Not nearly enough products on the market do enough to Reese's-ify the cookie-eating experience, and as such, we must stan. It's nice to know that I didn't miss out by not buying any of the S'mores variety this year, since they did look suspiciously dry, even on the front of the box. And of course, Samoas continue to receive top billing—though again, only in a world where better versions of all these things don't exist, and for cheaper. With 26,100 likes and counting, Teigen might be striking a chord with America's silent cookie dissenters.