Please Enjoy This Footage Of A Chiefs Player Downing A Beer With Fans

Defensive tackle Chris Jones joined fans in a chug-a-lug after a nail-biting playoff game.

God, Sunday's NFL playoff game was intense. I'm Missouri born and bred, but I've adopted the Bills fandom as my own after a spirited conversation with the team's most infamous superfan. When the Chiefs emerged victorious, I was left hunched on the couch, sadly clutching my takeout dan dan noodles—but Chiefs players were ecstatic. Case in point: defensive tackle Chris Jones, who dove into the stands and annihilated a Michelob Ultra with fans.


Jones' post-win chug-a-lug was captured on video, with footage tweeted out by Clay Wendler, a Chiefs fan and sports journalist who curates splendid sports GIFs (like this one of Steph Curry eating popcorn). "Chris Jones got a beer," Wendler wrote above the video of Wendler accepting an open Mic Ultra from a fan and pouring it wildly into his mouth.

Actually, it's unclear if any of the beer landed in Jones' mouth. He empties the bottle over his face and upper torso in a highly flashy maneuver. The whole thing takes about two seconds, leaving Jones drenched in the suds of victory. Jones is also an enormous man, and it's gonna take more than a few celebratory Michelob droplets for him to get his buzz on. Still, Jones is a man of the people, and I'm willing to bet that those Chiefs fans will be talking about that moment for years. Allegiances aside, we love to see a pro athlete getting silly with the fans.


Will we see a similar sudsy celebration after the upcoming AFC championship? Unclear. The Chiefs are the undeniable favorite, but I'm rooting for the Bengals out of pure spite. If all goes well, maybe we'll see the Bengals slurping down some domestic brews after this weekend's game. Either way, here's hoping that the AFC fans get more one-on-one time with their favorite players.