Hot Link: New Chocolate Making Robot Renders Oompa Loompas Obsolete

Two things I love more than just about anything else on earth: chocolate, and talking about how robots will eventually overthrow our society and keep the humans that survive the coup as pets. I never thought about that one day these passions could manage to intersect, but here I am, reading this article about a robot that can transform a few scoops of cacao nibs into real, honest to goodness chocolate right from your own counter top.

This idea was born, of course, in Palo Alto, California. I could tell you how it works, but I won't, because I'd rather you read it yourself and then answer these questions:

Question 1: Why is this necessary?

Actually, that's it. That's the only question I need answers to. Aside from all my many, many other robot-related questions, of course, but we don't have the time to unpack those today. Maybe The Takeout can sponsor a week long retreat where we can call all go over them (and start building our robot defense arsenal) together.