Chocolate Cottage In France Gives New Meaning To "Home Sweet Home"

If you have a Willie Wonka or Hansel & Gretel fascination that you'd like to tie to your next vacation, we have both good and bad news. Good news: There is s cottage made entirely out of chocolate in France that rents for only $59 a night. Forbes reports that recently, listed a "life-size, edible Chocolate Cottage in Sèvres, France, charging €50 (about $59) for up to four guests per night."

Everything in the cottage is chocolate, right down to the delightful knickknacks and bric-a-brac (except for an outdoor table, the bed, and floors, for somewhat obvious reasons). The Booking listing reports that the structure was "designed and manufactured by renowned artisan chocolatier, Jean-Luc Decluzeau," and more than 1.5 tons of chocolate was used to build it. We also bet it also smells amazing. We also have a few questions: What's the lifespan on this structure, and what will happen to it in the summer? Also, what's the charge if we get hungry in the middle of the night and nibble on a delicious shelf or a vase?

That listing also reports the bad news: The Chocolate Cottage is completely booked! Disappointing, but not exactly surprising. then tries to offer you similar listings in Sèvres, but c'mon. The Chocolate Cottage is obviously one of a kind.