Chobani Hopes New Squeeze Bottles Turn Greek Yogurt Into A Condiment

Why isn't more sour cream packaged in squeezable containers? It really grinds my first-world gears: I have to open up my modern refrigeration appliance, remove the plastic lid from my container, get a spoon from the modern dishwashing appliance, and laboriously scoop the sour cream out of its vat. Ugh. Who has the time?

Chobani hears my cries. The company's new 14-ounce squeezable packages, dubbed Chobani Savor, are intended to position Greek yogurt as a condiment, like sour cream, that you could use to top chili or baked potatoes., the online home of the Twin Falls, Idaho Times News, reports the squeezable Greek yogurt has fewer calories, less fat, and three times the protein of sour cream. It's available in both low-fat (2-percent milk fat) and whole-milk (5-percent milk fat) varieties.

"This packaging helps the consumer to learn Greek yogurt is a condiment," Kai Sacher, Chobani's senior vice president of global research and development, told

Yeah, you heard Kai—squeeze that shit on everything.

I am a sour cream fanatic who could easily eat it straight from the container with a spoon, but even I sometimes prefer the slight tang of Greek yogurt, especially on spicy Indian or Middle Eastern dishes. (I'm not so sure about Greek yogurt nachos, though.)

Chobani has made big inroads in the breakfast aisle in the past decade, but total dollar sales of Greek yogurt have dipped 5 percent recently. The yogurt-as-condiment move is a smart one, expanding the product's appeal beyond just the morning hours. Still, I'll be curious to see how long it takes Americans to start stocking Chobani next to their mustard and ketchup.