Chipotle Might Venmo You Money, For A Change

Chipotle launches its rewards program, Chipotle Rewards, today, but that's not the most interesting news here. No, the intriguing part of today's announcement is the promotion accompanying the launch: Chipotle is using Venmo to give away money to 25,000 people per day, today through March 15, up to $250,000 total. Enter the phone number associated with your Venmo account at this site and Chipotle says you may win between $1 and $500.

According to Chipotle's press release, it is one of the most-mentioned brands on Venmo, presumably in the little text field where you can indicate why you are paying or requesting money from someone. (First off, they're keeping track of that, too?) I usually just type in incredibly embarrassing emoji combinations, but I guess some people actually, you know, write in what the payment was for. Dorks. If you're one of the daily winners of the Chipotle/Venmo giveaway, the payment will appear in your account with a chipotle pepper emoji. The fine print on the contest's page notes that "Only the first 25,000 valid entries on each calendar day during the sweepstakes will win."

If you actually care about details of Chipotle's Rewards program, here they are: For every dollar spent, a person earns 10 points, with 1,250 points equalling a free entree. (So, spent $125 at Chipotle, get a free entree, roughly.) Chipotle will also offer chances to earn bonus points, "surprise birthday rewards," and a free order of chips and guac with $5 minimum order after your first purchase made when you sign up for the rewards program. Free guac and the chance to have some money unexpectedly deposited into my Venmo account? Not the worst midweek perk.