*Sniffs Air* There's More Internet Shrimp Drama Afoot

In the latest TikTok fiasco, a Chicago woman ordered a hot meal and allegedly got frozen shrimp shacks instead.

Every time I see the word "shrimp" pop up on Twitter, I shiver a little bit. Personally, I've only just recovered from our last shrimp fiasco, in which a TV writer claimed to have found shrimp tails in his Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (He was later outed as a Grade A Asshole. Sorry about your cereal!) But now, just a few months later, we've got more shrimp drama to report. In The Know reports that a woman who says she ordered a shrimp dinner for delivery received a box of packaged frozen imitation shrimp instead.

The report comes from a Chicago-based TikToker under the username @rainaltmodel. The TikToker claimed in her video that she ordered a dish called "Shock'N Shrimp" from a local restaurant. The dish was advertised as a vegan shrimp substitute, and that's technically what the TikToker received: she says the delivery driver dropped off a box of frozen food labeled "Shock'N Shrimp," which is actually a brand of frozen vegan shrimp alternative snacks.

"Literally a box of frozen food," the TikToker lamented in her video. "When I say that it was frozen, I mean frozen." She also showed a photo of the menu item on the unnamed restaurant's website. "You guys, I just got catfished so hard by this freaking restaurant," she said while showing the photo. "It looks like a cooked meal, right?"

In a later video, the TikToker shared the name of the restaurant, listed as "JUMBO PLANT BASE SHOCK'N SHRIMP" on UberEats. It appears to be a ghost kitchen that works with third-party delivery services, not a dine-in restaurant. "I want to emphasize that I ordered this from a restaurant," @rainaltmodel added. "Not a grocery store but a restaurant." There's no word yet on whether she complained to the restaurant or received a refund—or whether the so-called restaurant is some kind of mysterious delivery app scam. The situation is unfortunate—but, as with any outrageous social media claim, I'm taking this one with a grain of salt. Shrimp salt.