Witness The Glorious Hot Dog Singularity That Is "CHI"michurri

This time of year, we tend to throw around the term "Christmas miracle" willy-nilly: good parking spot, early package delivery, Aunt Kathy skipping the celebrations this year. But December 2019 brought us an honest-to-Baphomet moment of joy and delight. Behold, via Chicagoan and visionary @KylePWolfe:

That, friends, is not what I was expecting to get all aflutter about on Christmas Day 2019. I have a degree from the prestigious and definitely real Hot Dog University, and here comes this upstart with an idea so brilliant and so singular. I had my F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus moment, raging at the mustards in my studio. But the more I thought about it, the more it reinforced what we love collectively about the Chicago-style hot dog: disparate elements in complete balance to create a single, unforgettable flavor profile. Sharp onion and mustard, sweet relish, aromatic pickled sport pepper, and the celery salt, which has always been the ultimate secret ingredient. Block Club Chicago caught up with the newest Michelin Star contender to grab the recipe and talk Chicagochurri, so anyone attending a potluck in the near future should head over and read it immediately.

And thus a new art form was born to America to join jazz, baseball, and the Star War. Suddenly 2020 is looking up.