Beer Truck Hijacked From Chicago Supermarket Recovered, No Contents Missing

As your Overturned Trucks bureau chief, I keep a watchful eye on any shenanigans involving foodstuffs, trucks, and public roadways. Yesterday's saga of a Modelo beer truck stolen from a Jewel supermarket in Chicago did not involve any spillage—thankfully—and therefor does not qualify as an Overturned Truck. Instead, it is a Hijacked Truck, and here is its story.

I was first alerted to this breaking story via Twitter, where a police-scanner listener tweeted that a Modelo truck had been stolen around 10 a.m. from a grocery store on East 95th Street. Authorities requested helicopter assistance, but conditions were deemed too windy for helicopter surveillance. The Chicago Tribune picks the story up from there, explaining the truck's driver had left the keys in the ignition, allowing it to be commandeered by an unauthorized driver. The truck was recovered after noon in suburban Calumet City; a police spokesman tells Tribune it hasn't crashed and its contents were intact.

Police are reviewing area surveillance cameras for evidence, but no suspects are yet in custody. "It was a crime of opportunity,'" the police spokesperson told Tribune.