Cheez Balls' Pop-Top Nostalgia To Hit Shelves Again

Ah, remember the glory of the Planters Cheez Ball canister? There was something so satisfying about ripping that foil-topped vacuum seal open and enjoying the cheese-dusted crunchy balls inside. Somehow it was on a whole different level than picking Cheetos out of a crummy cellophane bag. Maybe it's psychological, but it aided in the illusion of freshness, sort of like a fresh tennis ball from a pop-top canister. Plus the plastic lid made for easy storage until you needed another cheese ball in under 30 seconds.

Now, in response to "petitions, online groups and other efforts," according to USA Today (though was there really that much clamor that a petition was started?) Planters' parent company Kraft Heinz announces that the Cheez Balls and (the lesser) Curls will return for the first time in 12 years, starting in July at $2 a can. Planters website confirms this.

And look! Planters didn't even change the nostalgic packaging. Given everything happening in this country, we'll take this as a very, very small win, but a win nonetheless. I may buy a case to make sure I have enough to last to get me through dark cheese-ball-less times.