Weary Thief Falls Asleep In Restaurant Bathroom Cradling Cheesecake

A life of crime seems exhausting. The elaborate disguises! The wigs! The very heavy weapons! Even the most hardened criminal deserves a good rest—which is presumably what one intruder in the U.K. was going for when he was discovered napping in a restaurant bathroom, stolen cheesecake in hand.

According to a Facebook post from 808 Bar and Kitchen in Sunderland, England, the restaurant owner arrived on the scene at 6:15 a.m. on October 24 to discover the aftermath of an overnight break-in. The restaurant's security camera footage revealed two intruders prowling through the property in blindingly bright fluorescent jackets, filling a mop bucket with all kinds of stolen goods including beer, cider, soft drinks—and one half-eaten cheesecake snatched from the restaurant fridge.

The footage then showed just one of the prowlers leaving the property at 2 in the morning. Baffled, the restaurant owner turned off the footage and followed a trail of thunderous snores to the restaurant bathroom. There, he found the other intruder asleep on the toilet, catching a few Z's with the pilfered cheesecake by his side. The restaurant owner writes:

"There he was, our very own Sleeping Beauty knocking out some zzzzzz's and leading us to his very position thanks to some very hefty snoring. As if a deep sleep mid-burglary wasn't enough, we found him spooning Henry the Hoover with the cheesecake by his side... four hours after he had originally entered the building."

Oddly enough, this is not even the first high-profile, cheesecake-centered incident of theft in 2020. Earlier this year, a Seattle woman was caught on camera strolling away from a Cheesecake Factory, gingerly carrying an entire fruit-topped cheesecake on its cardboard base along with two wine glasses. Our question: Why steal a cheesecake when you can make one in under an hour?