Cheesecake Factory Invades Grocers' Freezers

The Cheesecake Factory has the largest and most overwhelming menu of any American chain restaurant, but even 16 oversized pages aren't enough to contain everything it wants to feed you. So now it has invaded the grocery store with cheesecake ice cream.

The chain announced in a news release earlier this week that it has partnered with Wells Enterprises, Inc., on a collection of seven flavors that will be sold by the pint for $4.99 each. They include salted caramel, birthday cake, strawberry, chocolate, and of course good old original. "Cheesecake fans no longer need to choose between a slice and a scoop; now they can have both in one delicious dessert," David Overton, The Cheesecake Factory's founder and CEO, said proudly.

Overton added that now customers can enjoy the glories of The Cheesecake Factory from the comfort of home, which is definitely a good thing for people who are terrified by large menus with too many choices.